Fact Checking Policy

At tscpantnagar.com Website, we promise to give our readers the information that’s honest and real. Our fact-checking process is generated to make sure the accuracy and fairness of the content we publish. Here’s how we make sure our content is reliable:

Checking Facts

Before we provides you any kind of news or information, our team double-checks everything. We pay attention to lots of different sources, talk to genuine people who have knowledge about the topic, and make sure the sources we use are reliable.

Using Reliable Sources

Our first priority is to use original sources whenever we can. It means we prefer to use direct quotes, official statements, or data from trustworthy organizations. If we are not able to get information direct from the source, we surely mention where we got it from and how we checked it.

Fixing Mistakes

If we ever get wrong information, we make sure to fix it fast. And also attach a note at the beginning or end of the article for you to know what was the mistake and how we fixed it.

Being Open

We are always want to honest with our readers. If you guys ever have such thoughts like where we got our information or if something’s right or not in the article, so just ask us. We are very comfortable to listen your thought and surely work on it.

No Bias

We don’t take sides, we are not being biased in our work. We only aim at to give you the facts without any personal opinions getting in the way.

Checking Requests

If you find any mistake made by us, then let us know please! Give us your knowledge or opinion as much as you can, and we’ll definetly look into it and make things correct if we messed up.

Staying Independent

We don’t let anyone put their pressure on us and tell us what to write. Our fact-checking is totally separate from any outside influences, like ads or sponsors. We’re here to give you the true, plain and simple information.

Getting Better

We are always focus on learning and improving. We train our team to make sure we gives you updates continuosly in the best ways to check facts and report the news accurately.

At tscpantnagar.com Website, we are committed to bringing you every type of global news that you can trust. Our fact-checking policy is all about being honest and making sure you get the genuine things every time.